Practice 8:30 A.M.  Sundays





August 27th  Worship Set- "Halls of Heaven"  G  Jesus Culture  (New)  (Everyone)

                                             "Holy Is the Lord"  G  Chris Tomlin  (Everyone)

                                             "Great I Am"  C  (Everyone)

                                             "Revelation Song" D  Jennie Lee Riddle  (first verse Tracey, second verse Carrie)

                                            We will sing  "O Come to the Altar" during Communion

                                            "O Come to The Altar" Elevation Worship  D   ( Daniella Leading)




August 27th Praise Team- Tracey Jellison, Denice Honaker, Jake Schamel, Jonathan Jellison, Allie Hickman, Carrie Tucker, Kristin Ward

 Piano & Vocal- Anthony Johnson

Piano Pad- Daniella Marshall

Electric Guitar- Mark Tucker

Bass Guitar- Tyler Johnson

Acoustic Guitar- Nick Ervin

 Drums- Rick George

Percussion- Jakin Hoffer

Sound- Marty Weiser

Lighting- Willard Shepherd